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Current Leadership

Li Bochao (President, Vice Chairman)

Li Bochao, male, born in Wugang, Hunan Province in 1962, Ph.D., professor, Ph.D. supervisor. As the president of HNUST, doctor of jurisprudence and master of Chinese linguistics, he is invited to be directors of academic associations such as China Constitution Society and the Linguistic Society of Hunan. Previously he was vice president and vice Chairman of Xiangtan University.
His research interest covers such fields as constitutional law and jurisprudence. His academic papers and monographs include the following: Four Issues of Constitutional Government (Paper 2004), Investigation into the Crisis of Western Constitutional Government (Paper 2006), the Mechanism of Modern Law-governed Society (Paper 2007), Important Issues in the Evolution of China Constitution (Paper 2010), the Crisis of Constitutional Government (Monograph 2006), etc.

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