Current Leadership

  • Liu Deshun (Chairman)

    Liu Deshun, male, born in Xiangtan, Hunan Province in 1962, PH.D., professor, Ph.D. supervisor, winner of the special allowance of the State Council. He was the president of HNUST.
  • Li Bochao (President, Vice Chairman)

    Li Bochao, male, born in Wugang, Hunan Province in 1962, Ph.D., professor, Ph.D. supervisor. As the president of HNUST, he is invited to be the director of China Constitution Society.
  • Zhu Chuanqu(Vice Chairman)

    Zhu Chuanqu, male, born in Wangcheng, Hunan Province in 1962, Ph.D., professor. He is the Vice Chairman of HNUST.
  • Zhou Feiyue (Chairman of Discipline Inspection Commission)

    Zhou Feiyue, male, born in Zhuzhou, Hunan Province in 1959, Master of Applied Mathematics, associate professor. He is the chairman of discipline inspection commission of HNUST.
  • Chen Anhua (Vice President)

    Chen Anhua, born in Qidong, Hunan Province in 1963, PH.D., professor. He is the vice president of HUNST.
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