Continuing Education

         With the mission of “Best Education Quality, Far-reaching Social Effects”, the School of Continuing Education (SCE) of HNUST, according to the working principal of “enhancing management, improving quality, concurring with benefit”, has fulfilled the goal of steady development in recent years. Currently, SCE has set up correspondence stations in Hunan, Guangdong, Zhejiang, Guangxi, Fujian, Yunnan and Guizhou Province, with over 15,000 registered students. It provides three types of continuing education for potential students, that is, the education from junior professional colleges to the undergraduate colleges, from higher vocational colleges to junior professional colleges and from higher vocational colleges to undergraduate colleges. It allows its students to pursue further education in nearly 60 disciplines by way of being taught by correspondence or in spare time. All these helped it form the distinctive higher correspondence education pattern with moderate scale, reasonable distribution and distinguishing characteristics. It was successively awarded the “National Excellent Organization of Adult Mining Education”, the “Outstanding Organization of Hunan Adult Education Assessment” and the “Outstanding Organization of the Normal Higher Adult Education of Hunan Province”.

  Teacher Training and Mining Engineering Education, through decades of endeavor, have become the leading disciplines of HNUST. SCE boasts its remarkably featured training system. For a long time, it has been making prominent contributions to the elementary and secondary school teachers’ vocational training and the coal industry training, from which abundant resources and quite a lot of experiences have been accumulated. Presently, SCE undertakes a variety of trainings programs, including the National training for the sitting teachers from the elementary and secondary schools, the training of headmasters and backbone teachers in secondary schools in Hunan Province, the ”653 Project” training for the coal industry, the training of mine managers and the coal mine safety training. In response to the “National Training” initiated by the Ministry of Education, SCE has cultivated 1,331 teachers and undertaken 20 training programs, including the full-time trainings and short-term intensive trainings of the backbone teachers from Hunan rural junior high schools and so forth, which have been continuously held for four years. Moreover, nine training programs of Hunan secondary school principals and teachers have been carried out, cultivating above 2,000 secondary school principals and teachers; more than 50 training programs of Hunan Coal Mine qualification and mine coal safety production have been implemented, totally cultivating more than 2,000 people for the coal management and technological workers. It was awarded for many times the prizes of “Advanced Organization in Backbone Teacher Training Programs from the Rural Midwest Subproject Implementation” and the “Advanced Organization in Normal Students Internships" by Hunan Provincial Education Department.