Campus Life

        Located in Jiuhua Economic Development Zone – the core of Changsha, Zhuzhou and Xiangtan city cluster, neighboring the exits of Changsha-Xiangtan West Expressway (S41), Shanghai-Ruili Expressway (G60), Beijing-Hongkong-Macau Expressway (G4), Guangzhou Expressway (G55), and Shanghai-Kunming high-speed railway station, HNUST enjoys a convenient transportation. The campus of more than 3000 mu, abundant in lush green trees and grasses, is a national garden-style working unit and a resource-saving and environment-friendly demonstration campus of Hunan Province. There are beautiful pavilions and towers, ponds and lakes, like Hanxu Pavilion, Shangying Pavilion, Tinghe Pavilion and Confucian Temple; Cherry Garden, Peach Garden, Azalea Garden, Orchid Garden and Plum Garden with flowers of diverse types and fragrance all year around: cherry in spring, lotus in summer, orchid in autumn, plum in winter; Ming Lake, Lotus Pond and Yanzi Pool with rippling lake water. Teaching buildings and students apartments are situated in the picturesque garden.

  Internet is accessible all over the campus. There are modernized facilities such as student apartments, canteens, outdoor stadiums and indoor gymnasiums. Diverse media such as campus broadcasting, news web, university newspaper and pictorial are vivid and lively. You are welcomed to more than a hundred of student associations and can show your talents in a series of student activities including Song of Girls, Song of Boys, Song of Dreams, Competition of Master of Ceremony, Weekend Station and Freshmen Talent Contest.