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Wan Junren, President of the Humanities College of THU, Gave a Lecture in HNUST

Publishing time:2014-02-27 viewer:

        On the morning of November 9th, Professor Wan Junren, the well-known National ethicist, who is the President of both Chinese Association for Ethical Studies and the Humanities College of THU, visited HNUST,and gave a lecture to the students and teachers on "the Research of Century-old Chinese Ethics". 

        Professor Wan made a cultural diagnosis after reviewing the development of China's ethical culture over the last century. He stressed that our studies in Ethics should start from changing the sense of concepts and we should attach great importance to the inheritance of our excellent traditional culture. We should also adhere to the three lines of defense on ethics: Law, Morality, Faith, and stick to basic ethic norms. Meanwhile, he recommended that we should clarify the proper position of intellectuals,pay great attention to the education of traditional culture, and establish the correct morality.

        After the lecture, students had a warm response and were active in raising questions and exchanged ideas with professor Wan.