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Report on "MOOC's Challenge and the Future of Colleges”

Publishing time:2014-03-25 viewer:

        On the morning of January 13th, Li Zhimin, director of Science and Technology Development Center in the Ministry of Education was invited to give a special report on "MOOC's Challenge and the Future of Colleges".

        Li maintained that technological advance was the primary motivation for the progress of human civilization. Therefore, MOOC's coming into being within the Internet technologies is an expedition for a grand-new mode of education. MOOC has provided a new method for knowledge transfer, and exerted great impacts on educational concepts, educational systems, and teaching methods.

        MOOC is thriving in America, as is addressed by Li zhimin, and other changes may also be brought to the stage as he expounded. There will be classrooms(schools) assisted by Cloud Technology, and traditional classrooms will become learning clubs for students to do their homework and to solve problems together. Materials for learning will mainly be chosen by students with collateral tests. MOCC has fewer courses, sectioned knowledge points and intensive teaching processes. It allows students to review their studies. Moreover, the study can take place everywhere with flexible learning styles, including assistant materials for digital textbooks, online homework, online examinations and flexible issue of graduation certificates.

        In addition, Li further elaborated on the reason of MOOC's rapid development, and possible challenges of MOOC's development in China in the future.