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Linguist and Professor Fang Mei Gave a Speech at HNUST

Publishing time:2014-03-25 viewer:

        On the evening of May 4th, Professor Fang Mei, a well-known linguist, doctoral supervisor and postdoctoral mentor from Institute of Linguistics of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, was invited to give a speech at HNUST to elaborate the pragmatic changes of grammar in communication under the title of The Grammar of Interactive Communication— Modes of Communication and Language Strategies.

        Combined with the basic concepts and essences of the history of language research, she summarized that grammar comes from our communicative requirements. What's more, she further analyzed modes of communication and language strategies in detail.

        Finally, Professor Fang had a warm discussion with students about related themes. She suggests scholars could refer to the theoretical achievements of western countries when they study Chinese syntax, but great attention should be paid to internal adjustment in Chinese system and its usage changes in reality. Furthermore, she stressed that students should attach great importance to linguistic context and choose the most suitable way to convey their ideas in language studies.