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The Visit of Academician Li Peigen, Principal of Huazhong University of Science and Technology

Publishing time:2014-03-25 viewer:

        Li Peigen, academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and Principal of Huazhong University of Science and Technology was invited to pay a visit to HNUST. During his visit, he gave guidance to HNUST and delivered lectures.

        After looking around all the Research and Test Centers of the Discipline of Mechanical Engineering and gaining a deeper understanding of the functions and characteristics of the equipment, Li Peigen had a discussion with some researchers and post-graduates of related disciplines.

        He gave full endorsement to our school's researches in a number of fields, such as deep-sea combustible ice, shale gas tapping and deep-sea drilling. He said, "This is a place bursting with vitality of research. The discipline of Mechanics in your university is quite distinctive, and your research on the deep sea filled me with veneration. I should say there are a lot of lessons we can draw from you."

        In the evening, an excellent speech was delivered by Li Peigen at the university assembly hall. In his speech, he expounded on the profound influence that Chinese traditional culture had exerted on the aim, content, method and relationship of Chinese education. He also cautioned that the carrying forward traditional culture called for our attention to such positive factors such as humanity, philosophical enlightment, free and people-oriented development and independent personality. Apart from directors of relevant apartments and colleges, present were chairmanTian Yinhua, president Liu Deshun and vice presidents Chen Anhua, Zhu Chuanqu and Li Lin.