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HNUST Takes the First Prize in Network Security Skills Competition of University Students in Hunan

Publishing time:2018-12-21 viewer:

On December 8th, Lingtian Team of HNUST, led by teacher Zhao Jinqiang, won the first place in the finals of the 2nd Network Security Skills Competition of University Students in Hunan Province, which was held in Xiangtan University.
More than 50 teams from 23 schools across Hunan Province took part in the preliminary competition, and 14 teams from universities and one from Yali High School came to the finals for their outstanding performances, in which Lingtian Team of HNUST won the first placeeventually.This competition aims at improving the network security of education system and ability and guarantee measures for education informationization, attracting teachers and students to pay attention to the network information security, training a high-level team to operate and maintain the security of network informationin practice, so as to promote the ability toguarantee the information security of education system of China.
It is reported that the competition, sponsored by Hunan Education Network Society, and organized by Xiangtan University, hasbeen divided into two parts, preliminary round and final round. The former is played online, which fallsinto the security theory part and the operation practice part. And the latter resorts to attack and defense with CTF system offline. All teams would get flags (flag files) in the corresponding questions. After answering these questions, flag would be submitted to the scoring system, which would automatically judge the answer. In addition, the competition platform also opens an anti-cheating mechanism to detect and audit the exchange of answers between teams.
(Translated by Song Dan)