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Learning Center Group of HNUST Party Committee Develops Thematic Learning

Publishing time:2018-12-21 viewer:

On 6th of December, a thematic learning seminar was carried out in Lide Building by the Learning Center Group of HNUST Party Committee, presided by Liu Deshun, Secretary of Party Committee and attended by leadership of HNUST, as well as main related leaders of schools. Besides, Vice President Shi Shiliang delivered a keynote speech.
The attendees studied the relevant materials, and discussed how to promote the overall ability to cultivate talents.All agreed that undergraduate education should be placed at the center of talent cultivation, the construction of the faculty strengthened, and the ability to cultivate talents improved so as to promote the establishment of a distinctive high-level comprehensive university.
At the meeting, Liu Deshun, Secretary of Party Committee, made three requests: firstly, to deeply understand the spirit of the National Education Meeting and the Important Speech of General Secretary Xi Jingping, carry forward fine traditions and spare no efforts in reform and innovation in order to make HNUST better and more distinctive; secondly, to promote the connotative development of the university and improve the quality of talent cultivation; thirdly, to persist in problem-oriented methods to solve practical problems in undergraduate education. He also hoped that relevant issues can be deeply thought and actively explored, and the ability of personnel training can be effectively improved.
Vice President Shi Shiliang summarized the basic situation of HNUST’s preliminary work and explained the existing problems. Furthermore, he put forward five requirements on how to improve the talent training system: further optimize the setting and layout of the undergraduate program system; reconstruct the teaching evaluation and reward and punishment system; strive to enter the discourse system of national textbooks; establish a strict management system; create an ideological and political work system of collaborative education.
During the meeting, Zhou Zhihua, Director of Academic Administration and Yin Fengyu, Head of Student Affairs Department also made keynote speeches.
(Translated by Li Fei)