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The 1st Campus Football Super League Kicks off

Publishing time:2019-03-21 viewer:

On March 12th, the first HNUST Campus Football Super League was opened at Athletic Field (1), attended by Hunan Daily, Youth League of HNUST and the School of Physical Education and presided by Hu Binliang, Secretary of Party Committee of the School of Physical Education.
Ma Binhui, Deputy Secretary of Youth League, was delighted to see the football teams full of vigor and vitality, and he said that physical training was the most effective way to lift spirit. At the same time, he also raised the requirements on the competition's fairness, discipline and students' safety.
Jing Longjun, Dean of the School of Physical Education, demanded that this competition be carried out under the instructions of General Secretary Xi Jinping on developing campus football, and follow the related instructions of HNUST. Moreover, he hoped that each team respected the referees and the opponents, showing an event of high level.
Zhang Kun, on behalf of the Sports Channel of HUNAN TODAY, wished the competition a great success. He expected that more people can feel the charm of campus football under the joint effort by teachers and students. Afterwards, as athlete representative and referee representative Tan Xu and Yang Chen took the oath respectively. And the opening game was between Xiaoxiang College team and Atlan team.
This event is intended to enrich students' cultural life after school, promote their all-round development, and develop the campus football.
It is reported that twelve teams have participated in the game, which, according to the scores, will set up two kinds of award, team award and individual award, under the competition system of single round robin. Furthermore, this event will last for 3 months from March to June.
(Translated by Song Dan, Shu Zizhao and Xiao Leyao)