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Alumni’s Reunion in Foshan for HNUST 70th Anniversary

Publishing time:2019-03-28 viewer:

On March 16th, the Joint Conference of the Heads of National Alumni Association of HNUST was held in Foshan on the occasion of the establishment of Foshan Alumni Association, and 20 local alumni in charge gathered together. The Conference was presided by Hu Shiqi, Vice President of HNUST, attended by Liu Deshun, Secretary of Party Committee of HNUST, and Directors of HNUST Functional Departments.
Secretary Liu Deshun, affirmed the achievements made by local alumni associations and appreciated their support for Alma Mater. This year, HNUST issued a No.1 announcement to celebrate the 70th anniversary of HNUST, heralding the start of the preparatory work for the ceremony. Therefore, he extended a warm invitation to all the alumni for their participation. Meanwhile, Secretary Liu also recommended major activities of the ceremony, and pointed out the significance of the construction of the Minxing Building in particular, which would be regarded as a symbol of all alumni’s vision for the 70th anniversary of their Alma Mater.
During the meeting, presidents of present alumni associations responded to Liu’s address and expressed their gratitude for Alma Mater’s cultivation, sincere wishes and their enthusiasm for celebrating the 70th anniversary as well as supports for its construction and development.
Sun Huaqiang, proposed president of Foshan Alumni Association in Guangdong province, extended his warm welcome to the participants and declared that he will actively participate in the anniversary along with other alumni around China.
(Translated by Song Dan, Shu Zizhao and Xiao Leyao)