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HNUST Holds the First Volunteer Carnival Launching Ceremony

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On March 19th, the first Volunteer Carnival Launching Ceremony & Voluntary Blood Donation Awarding Ceremony was held in the club attended by Fu Jun, Deputy Mayor of Xiangtan Municipal People's Government, Hu Shiqi, Vice President of HNUST and representatives of departments and colleges.
"This ceremony is not only a powerful practice to promote urban civilization, but also a good opportunity to stimulate the sense of social responsibility of college students." Fu Jun said, showing his affirmation that HNUST actively organized student volunteers to carry out this activity. He hoped that the volunteer organizations at all levels of HNUST would devote themselves actively into volunteer services.
First of all, on behalf of HNUST, Hu expressed his sincere thanks to the leaders who have been supporting the volunteer service. “College students should be warm-hearted and hold correct values" he said, "Thus this activity is to stimulate college students to make more contributions to our society."
He believed that these practices made it possible for college students to gain more knowledge and experience, realize individual values and have positive outlook on life. Meanwhile, he also hoped that all faculty and students actively participated in it so as to make more contributions to our society.
Ma Binhui, Deputy Secretary of the Youth League Committee, on behalf of school delivered his speech. He told us that, it was through all faculty and students’ joint efforts that our school could be honored with “Hunan Province Promotion Award for Voluntary Blood Donation” and the “National Promotion Award for Voluntary Blood Donation”. He said that HNUST would still adhere to the volunteer service spirit of contribution, friendliness, mutual help and progress in 2019. Under the leadership of the university’ CPC Committeeand the guidance of Lei Feng spirit, it would inherit and carry forward civilization with love to write a new chapter for volunteer services activity.
Tan Manhong, Deputy Director of Xiangtan Blood Donation Office and Chief of Xiangtan Blood Center, gave a lecture on blood donation, pointing out that 300-400 ml blood donation will not affect donator’s daily life. She also invited volunteers to call on saving lives by blood donation.
During the ceremony, Dong Xiangrui, Deputy Secretary-General of Xiangtan Municipal People’s Government, read out official statement of recognition; Fu Jun presented medals of “National Promotion Award for Voluntary Blood Donation” and “Hunan Province Promotion Award for Voluntary Blood Donation”; Tang Wenjing, Director of Health Commission of Xiangtan, presented certificates and awards to the outstanding volunteers; Wang Li, Secretary of Xiangtan Municipal Committee of the Communist Youth League, declared “An Appeal for Youth Voluntary Blood Donation in Xiangtan” and in the end, a speech was delivered by Tong Siyuthe representative of blood donation volunteer.
After the ceremony, a student, Hu Jingjing deeply touched, said “It’s those kind people who organized voluntary blood donation activities that the blood-needed patients can seek hope. I’m going to participate in such activities too”.
(Translated by Li Fei, Liu Xin, Lu Ziyao)