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HNUST Promotes the Normal Majors Accreditation

Publishing time:2019-04-02 viewer:

On 25th March, the promotion meeting for Normal Majors Accreditation was held in Lide Building, presided by Shi Shiliang, Vice President of HNUSTand attended by heads of related functional departments and schools.
Shi pointed out that the Normal Majors Accreditation, a project requiring systematic and holistic scheme with many units involved, must be practically implemented under the principles of HNUST taking the lead, schools taking responsibilities and majors being the principal part. Besides, he also said that the work must be carried out in the light of the secondary standard of Normal Majors Accreditation and problems should be solved accordingly.
Zhou Zhihua, Director of the Academic Administration, introduced the development of the accreditation, and explained it focusing on microteaching transformation, school-level teaching cases confirmation and the fine-tuning of talent training program, etc.. He also stressed that, in the next stage, the relevant policies should be timely comprehended and implemented. Furthermore, the project construction, professional self-evaluation, and the first round of on-campus self-evaluation and rectification should be fulfilled properly.
During the meeting, heads of related functional departments and schools discussed and offered proposals for the accreditation’s present priority on the basis of their practical work.
(Translated by Liu Xin, Shu Zizhao)