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Journal of HNUST(Social Science Edition) Reselected as a CSSCI Source Journal

Publishing time:2019-04-02 viewer:

On March 25th, the Institute for Chinese Social Sciences Research and Assessment of Nanjing University released the Catalogue of Source Journals and Collected Papers (2019-2020) in Chinese Social Science Citation Index (CSSCI), in which the Journal of HNUST (Social Science Edition) has been included again.
This citation database covers 568 Chinese academic journals in 25 categories such as political science, management and university journals. Following the bibliometric laws, the source journals of CSSCI are selected by CSSCI Expert Evaluation Committee from more than 2,700 standard Chinese academic journals of humanities and social sciences with high academic value and rigorous editing, through both quantitative and qualitative evaluation.
(Translated by Xiao Leyao and Lu Ziyao)