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Professors of HNUST Attend the Expert Training for Normal Majors Accreditation

Publishing time:2019-04-10 viewer:


From 27th to 29th March, the first expert training for normal majors accreditation by the Ministry of Education, was held in Changsha. 193 experts attended the training, among whom were Professor Zhou Xianfeng, Executive Vice President of the Education and Science Research Institute, and Professor Zhang Jinghua, Dean of the School of Foreign Studies from HNUST.
Seven experts respectively gave lectures on current accreditation background and key points of policies and technical requirements. Moreover, they shared their experience of on-site accreditation.
Sheng Min, a Professor of the Higher Education Evaluation Center of the Ministry of Education, summarized that normal majors accreditation was to figure out whether teaching results were qualified, whether Outcome Based Education (OBE) was set up, whether specialties, courses and faculties met OBE’s requirements and whether quality assessment and continuous improvement mechanisms for OBE were established. Meanwhile, normal majors accreditation is intended to improve teaching qualities and stimulate students-oriented education innovation.
It is reported that the training in Changsha is hosted by the Accreditation Expert Committee for Normal University of the Ministry of Education, and the Higher Education and Teaching Evaluation Center of the Ministry of Education, and undertaken by Hunan Normal University. This training will further promote the organization and preparation of the accreditation in colleges and universities and improve the training mechanism for professional talents of teaching majors. HNUST has now officially launched the Normal Majors Accreditation work.
(Translated by Liu Xin, Xiao Leyao)