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Gift for 70th Anniversary Celebration of PRC and HNUST

Publishing time:2019-04-23 viewer:

On April 16th, a Flash Mob Shooting Activity was organized in front of Lide Building to celebrate the 70th anniversaries of the PRC and HNUST, which was to express our pride and gratitude to our motherland andschool.
More than 2,000 participants were standing on both sides of the flag-raising platform in shapes of “7” and “0”, implying their 70th anniversaries. Along with students, many school leaders and teachers also sang with smile and excitement to bless our motherland’s prosperity and school’s better future to a musical accompaniment.
Xiong Yicheng, a fourth-grade student from the Primary School Attached to HNUST led the children’s chorus of the song My Motherland and I. “I hope to sing this song in my school,” he said excitedly, “to let more people know the power of my motherland and I’m proud of her.”
Gu Yongcai, the instructor of National Flag Guards of HNUST this time, thought taking part in the activity is very proud and honorable. Moreover, he said that this activity was of great significance, which not only exerted positive publicity effect on the school, but also carried forward the patriotism spirit of students. “As a member of National Flag Guards of HNUST, it's my duty to raise the flag with no mistakes every time and be responsible for the flag and other members, and that is called dedication.” he added.
Li Yaqi, a student from Xiangtan Medicine & Health Vocational College, was also attracted by this activity. “I was shocked and moved by all the teachers and students of HNUST's love for the motherland and their school.” she said.
(Translated by Hu Pan, Xiao Leyao)