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HNUST Students Get Great Results in the MCM/ICM Contest

Publishing time:2019-04-30 viewer:

Recently, HNUST team, composed of Wang Zhanpeng, Lan Di and Yang Chen from the School of Mathematics and Computational Science under the guidance of teacher Li Dongmei, got the Meritorious Winner in the 2019 MCM/ICM Contest. It is the first time that HNUST has won such honor in this contest. Meanwhile, another team of HNUST, consists of Yan Lianglin, Ma Xiaohan and Zhang Xi won the second prize, who were guided by teacher Peng Yehui.
It is reported that the contest was held simultaneously on the global network, attracting more than 20 thousand team made up of over 60,000 students from many countries. Thus, the proportion of prizes decreased by half on the previous year, with the first prize only 6 percent.
Sponsored by the Consortium for Mathematics and Its Application (CDMAP), MCM/ICM is the only Mathematical Contest in Modeling on an international scale. With high international recognition, it is known as the originator of mathematical contests in modeling, enjoying the reputation of “Olympics” in mathematical modeling. During the four-day competition, each team was required to complete all the related work including modeling, solution, verification and paper writing in English to solve the given problem, which is not only a great challenge, but also an opportunity for students to demonstrate themselves through international communication.
(Translated by Hu Pan, Shu Zizhao)