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HNUST Signs Strategic Cooperation Agreement with GeelyAutomobile College andGeely Auto Parts Company

Publishing time:2019-05-15 viewer:

On May 7th, the signing ceremony of the strategic cooperation agreement was held in Lide Building to mark the strategic partnership among HNUST, Hunan Geely Automobile College (HGAC) and Hunan Geely Auto Parts Company (HGAPC), attended by Party Secretary of HNUST Liu Deshun, President Li Bochao and Vice-President Liao Xiangyue.
First of all, Party Secretary Liu, on behalf of HNUST, extended warm congratulations to the signing ceremony, and introduced the basic situation of HNUST’ s discipline construction. He noted that the cooperation was of practical significance to the implementation of the national innovation-driven development, the construction of Double First-class and high quality university, the upgrading of technology and products in Xiangtan as well as the building of Hunan automobile industrial cluster and highland. Moreover, Party Secretary Liu hoped that within the framework of the agreement, the three sides would make further use of advantages to unleash dynamics in such aspects as integration between production and education, coordinated innovation and resources sharing, which would cultivate a large number of high quality innovative talents and technical personnel for the cause of education and social economic development.
Yuan Libin, President of HGAC, gave a short report on the development of HGAC and Hunan Automobile Engineering Vocational College, in which he told us that Geely Group wished to establish a application-oriented college for the cultivation of more innovative talents. Besides, he pointed out that the colleges were making full preparations and the basic construction had been completed. These two colleges will demonstrate the success of building automobile-oriented colleges in Changsha-Zhuzhou-Xiangtan area. Thus, he hoped that the cooperation between HNUST and these colleges would be intensified for common pursuit of development.
Liu Xiangyang, Vice-President of Zhenjiang Geely Holding Group and general manager of HGAPC, reported that Geely Group would open Geely courses on a regular basis, and arranged for senior engineers to exchange ideas for the deepening cooperation with HNUST. Meanwhile, it will provide the School of Mechanical Engineering for teaching equipment to advance scientific cooperation between colleges and enterprises. And he also hoped that such in-depth cooperation could cultivate more talents for China.
During the meeting, representatives of three parties signed the cooperation agreement. After the signing ceremony, the opening ceremony of Geely courses were held in Lide Building, attended by related people in charge and students from the School of Mechanical Engineering, introduced by Yang Liu, HR Manager of HGAPC. Chen Lei, Chief Engineer of HGAPC, gave a lecture on intelligent driving technique.
Chen divided his lecture into three parts: the development of automatic drive, related techniques and the success Geely had achieved. Automatic drive was a complex driving system that needed to go through three links of perception, reception and reaction, involving a wide range of theories. He pointed out that automatic drive could sense four circumstances including driving zone, driving route, the static and dynamic objects ahead, and different driving scenes.
“This is my first time to know about Geely Group with its wide business range, signifying that domestic automobile industry is developing rapidly. As students, we should enrich our theoretical knowledge and improve our technical ability through practice,” said DuanXiaoyun, a graduate student of mechanical engineering specialty.
Huang Yuxin, a sophomore majoring in mechanical design, manufacturing and automation, said that the rapid-developing technology made it possible to leap from mere manufacturing to qualitative change and the enquiry spirit that propelled Geely to become an independent Chinese brand was worth learning. She also remarked that we should improve our abilities such as practicing, independent learning and planning.
New energy automobile giving ceremony and opening ceremony of Geely courses were held during the meeting. After the meeting, General Manager Liu, Vice-President Liao, related people in charge and students went to the exhibition site in front of Lide Building to observe and learn. The staff of HGAPC answered questions to the students and performed intelligent parking.
(Translated by Liu Xin, Shu Zizhao)