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Ren Demin’s Journey of Scientific Research

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“For me, innovative and scientific spirit matters most. That is, a person should dare to dream, to explore, and to fight hard. Those who succeed at last may not be the gifted but must be the persevering.”
——Ren Demin
It’s burning hot outside, nearly 40 degrees Celsius. In a stuffy organic chemistry lab stays a girl in blue gloves operating an experiment expertly, with sweat on her forehead.
“In chemical experiments, it’s amazing to see new substance occur when two compounds react with each other.” Ren Demin, a senior from the School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, said, “I enjoy the challenges and breakthroughs in this process through which I can always discover new worlds.”
In 2017, Ren, as the first author, published her first paper online onan internationally renowned journal. Inspired by her chemistry teacher in high school, Ren became a chemistry major of HNUST three years ago. She was then selected as a member of the school’s research laboratory. Driven by her enthusiasm and curiosity for chemistry, she spent all her spare time on experiments in the lab. As a result, it only took her half a year to begin conducting independent research project.
Actually, Ren Demin gathers experience from documents on relevant research in the X-MOL App, and discusses them with her mentor Li Xiaofang as the ideas came to her. In addition, challenges have never held her back. There was a time when the generated synthetic compounds were unstable and easy to resolve. Ren spent the whole day to monitor the chemical reaction, separate and purify compounds till her class in the next day.
Being absorbed in experiments is part of Ren’s routine. Piles of her densely-written notebooks can speak for her. Rich practical experience in the lab has enabled Ren to give a decent answer on major-course examinations at university.      
“She usually gets up at seven in the morning and doesn’t come back until ten at night. And once having no classes, she would go to the laboratory.” said Zhu Mindan, her roommate. In Zhu’s opinion, Ren’s life is simple, just like four-point line: laboratories, classrooms, canteens and the dormitory.
However, experiments did not always run smoothly. Under great pressure from her insufficient competence and perplexity of unworkable experiments, Ren had more than once thought of giving it up, but she ultimately made it. At the point of bottleneck, Professor Li’s encouragement had come as a great beacon light of hope, which inspired her to insist. 
Supported by Student Excellence Talent Initiative (SETI), a major project of HNUST in 2018, Ren, still as the first author, has published her tenth SCI paper online on another internationally recognized journal, in March 2019.
“The honor confirmed my efforts. It’s totally worth it.” Persistence and diligence are the recipe of Ren’s success. “Those who succeed at last may not be the gifted, but must be the persevering.” Ren concluded, “The success of the research of heterocyclic compound’s bioactivity may not make much contribution to organic compounds’ research, but it inspires me to explore this field further.”
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Ren Demin, an undergraduate of the School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, has published ten papers as the first author on SCI, won the first prize and the outstanding prize in the 8th and 10th Hunan University Students’ Extracurricular Chemistry and Chemical Engineering Innovation Works Competition respectively, etc., and was awarded the school first-class scholarship for two consecutive years and a number of honorary titles.
(Translated by Xiao Leyao, Song Dan)