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HNUST Holds the First International Culture Festival

Publishing time:2019-06-05 viewer:

On May 24th, the First International Culture Festival was successfully opened on the square behind the International Education Building, participated in by Wang Jing, Secretary of the Party Branch, and other teachers from the International Education College. At the event, with great enthusiasm students from various countries showed local delicacy and customs in their booths, which caught many students’ eyes.
At the beginning, a representative from Africa introduced how to use a thumb sticker to participants in fluent Chinese. “Teachers and students can enjoy the cuisines, the traditional costumes and cultural exhibits from different countries, but they are expected to put the thumb sticker on the one that they have affection for”
“Welcome." In front of the booth of Kyrgyzstan, the overseas students in their national costumes were enthusiastically entertaining the participants with such desserts as milkshake broccoli and tri-crisps. Participants were also impressed by the display of compelling photos and relevant illustrations on Kyrgyzstan’s national flag, festivals, food customs, and famous attractions.
Moreover, participants couldn’t wait to try the Russian savory specialty quiche, Tajikistan's mouth-watering hand-picked rice, Mongolian specialty milk tea, Thai Tom Yum Kung soup and so on. A Thai student named Xia Tian said excitedly, “We have spicy and sour soup and Thai salad, and every taster said it was delicious.”
“Laotian food has impressed me a lot. For example, the salad feels a little bit fishy, and the dessert mixed with ice is also very special.” Xu Yuan, a Chinese student assistant to Laos, said happily.
With the dancing of Afghan friends, the splendid performances of various countries kicked off. The event culminated in a song and dance by four performers in red Russian skirts, followed closely by guitar playing from Laos, and Thai songs and others. Audiences cheered and swayed with music, immersed in the unique cultural charm of various countries.
Wang Yizhen, a teacher from the School of Humanities who participated in the activity, pointed out that the First International Culture Festival we held was a milestone, which could enhance the cultural understanding and exchanges between China and other countries, and also make our university more international.
“What touches me most is the booth of Tajikistan, where there is a photo of Chinese leader with their leader. I feel proud and moved to see that.” said Liu Wenjie, a freshman from the School of Humanities.
(Translated by Hu Pan, Song Dan)