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HNUST 16th Campus Top 10 Singers Final

Publishing time:2019-12-31 viewer:

On the evening of December 20th, HNUST held the final of the 16th Campus Top 10 Singers, in which 15 contestants falling into 3 groups competed for the top 10 places. Vice-president Hu shiqi, heads of the Youth League, the School of Arts, and other relevant functional departments and student representatives of each school were present.
During the competition, Liu Yingjiao from the School of Music who sang Fleet of time attracted melodious harmony from the audience. Later, Hou Mengyao's   Animal World brought the atmosphere to a climax. Under the blue spotlight, You Hangyu from the School of Arts sang Lie which enabled him to make it to the final.
After the first round, the highest-scoring contestant in each group could qualify for the next round straight away while the lowest-scoring contestants would be eliminated. The remaining nine contestants competed forseven places through one minute and a half of cappella. In the third round, the final ten singers would compete for the top three.
Huang Yucai, a sophomore from the School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, brought a fantastic performance in the third round. The audiences were in high spirits all through the show.
At last, Mai Ziduo, a freshman from Xiaoxiang College, lifted the trophy of the singer competition. The second and third prizes went to Li Zhuoxi and Huang Yucai respectively. Apart from that, a freshman from the School of Mechanical Engineering Huang Boyun was voted as the Best Popular Singer” through online voting.
Xie Junqi, a student from the School of Arts, highly praised the event. “My heart beats to their melodies. This whole competition is like a grand audio-visual feast for me! He said.
(Translated by Peng JiayuLu Ziyao)