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2018 New Year Party for Overseas Students

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On the evening of Dec. 27th, 2018 New Year Party for Overseas Students was held at the Academic Exchange Center, 122 overseas students from 21 countries spending the beautiful evening together to ring the old year out and the new year in.
The party began with an ebullient song “Welcome to Beijing”. Holding the Five-Starred Red Flag of China, 16 students from different countries sang in chorus and their youthful vibrancy touched everyone present.
Huangmei Opera, listed as one of the Five Chinese Operas for its enchanting tune, simple and fresh aria and rich expressiveness, was performed in the party. A handsome “emperor's female son-in-law” in red appeared on the stage and sang “I left home to save my lover, but became the Number One Scholar”. Her excellent performance brought the audience into the situation that she risked her life to tell the emperor the truth and won thunderous applause for the impressive rendition of the Chinese traditional operaEmperor’s Female Son-in-Law.
The martial arts performance, Light and Darkness, given by overseas students, thoroughly showed Chinese lofty sentiments and characteristics in the harmony between power and inflexibility. “Chinese martial arts are my favorite, and Bruce Lee is my idol.” a student from Kyrgyzstan said excitedly.
On the stage, Li Ke, a student from Laos, played his wooden-color guitar gracefully and sang the song “Count on You” with his free and soulful voice, drawing the audience into his dreamy world of music. In his daily life, Li Ke is obsessed with Chinese. He once took an active part in the Chinese Speech Contest for Foreigners in Xiangtan, which strengthened his determination to study Chinese diligently.
Then, a girl from Kyrgyzstan, smiling brightly and twisting her waist, moved to the center of the stage slowly and sang a song of her hometown “Kaida”, allowing the viewers to appreciate the exotic charm in a boundless music world. Three boys from Thailand and Laos performed a medley of three songs in harmonious tones, displaying their profound cross-border friendship. Finally, the party ended with a joyful Chinese folk dance.
Chen Meijun, as a student majored in translation enrolled in 2015 and a teaching assistant of overseas students enrolled in 2017, was absorbed in the performances all the evening. “The party will promote the exchanges between overseas students and enhance their friendship,” Chen said with a smile.
Translated by Chen Meijun, Yu Ling