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HNUST Student Honored with 2018 Top 10 Figures in Educational News of Hunan

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Wu Yurong, a student from HNUST, made the list of 2018 Top 10 Figures in Educational News of Hunan. The list were selected by Hunan Educational Television, Hunan Education Network and Hunan Reporter’s Station of China Education Press Agency,which was revealed on January 1.
Wu Yurong, a senior who majors in Chinese Language, lost her right hand in 2000 in a car accident. Currently, this angle with broken wings has overcome many obstacles and helped many people out of the shadows. She is also really into public service, which could be shown from such activities as teaching voluntarily for over 30 times, caring for autistic children and supporting poor students. Furthermore, she has raised over 40,000 yuan for leukemia patients, and helped her fellow villager escape from the shadow of disfigurement to go on study with confidence and be a college student. In spite of the physical defect, Wu is strong mentally. She studied diligently, beingat the top of the grade. Thus, she has been awarded more than 10 prizes.
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2018 Top 10 Figures in Educational News of Hunan:
(Translated by Chen Meijun)