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HNUST Further Discussions on Teacher Education Reform

Publishing time:2019-01-16 viewer:

On Jan 8th, the seminar on Further Strengthen Teacher Education for a New Era was convened by HNUST in Lide Building, which was to fully implement the principles proposed by General Secretary Xi Jinping in National Education Conference, comprehensively complement the CPC Central Committee Opinions on Deepening the Reform of the Construction of Teaching Staff, and solve the underlying structural and institutional problems that restrict teacher education development to further display the school-running characteristics on teacher education development. The seminar was presided by Vice President Hu Shiqi and attended by responsible persons from 10 schools that undertake the major of undergraduate teacher education.
Vice President Hu pointed out that HNUST should probe into the problems based on full researches on teachers in and out of the university, and unify the thoughts on teacher education according to the needs of social development. He also suggested that the university should allocate practical teaching resources to strengthen the teaching skills training for teacher education undergraduates, and be highly responsible for the development of the students who major in education, so as to improve their professional quality and employment competitiveness.
Professor Zhou Xianfeng, Standing Vice Dean of the Institute of Education Science, introduced the overall situation and development trend of teacher education reform in universities and colleges at home and abroad, analyzed the opportunities and challenges faced by teacher education reform in a new era, and proposed his opinions on six aspects, including teacher education management system, optimization of subjects, construction of teachers in subject teaching theory, and improvement of conditions for school running.
Leaders of the schools that undertake the major of undergraduate teacher education discussed the issues of approaches to teacher education management, professional certification of teacher education undergraduate, etc. They agreed that HNUST should take into consideration of the particularity of teaching talent cultivation and make greater efforts to support teacher education in terms of policies, teaching staff and teaching places.
(Translated by Chen Meijun)