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Prime Time for Plum Blossoms Comes

Publishing time:2019-03-06 viewer:

The plum blossoms in the Plum Garden of HNUST began to come out around the Spring Festival and are blooming into luxuriance.
The Plum Garden, completed in March 2009, is home to more than 500 plum trees. As the prime time comes, plum blossoms are in full bloom. The blossoms in white as snow, in rosy as glow or in light yellow, have decorated the garden into a colorful sea, attracting admirers to appreciate the view and photographers or shutterbugs to record their charm.
It is now the prime for plum blossoms, and the Plum Garden has become a mecca for viewers on or off campus whether on fine days when the blossoms smile merrily in the breeze or on windy and rainy days when they dance elegantly in the chill.
(Translated by CHEN Can, SONG Dan and Revised by LIU Luo-lin and LIU Ying-jiao)