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"Fanghua" Girls' Cultural Festival &Youth Health Series Activities Launched

Publishing time:2019-03-12 viewer:

On the afternoon of March 5th, our university held the opening ceremony of "Fanghua" Girls' Cultural Festival &Youth Health Series Activities in the club. Leaders including Hu Shiqi, the vice president of HNUST, Wang Junjie, the Party committee secretary of the Maternal and Child Care Service Center in Xiangtanand Guan Guohui, the president of the Family Planning Association in Yuhu Districtattended this ceremony, and heads of relevant units in Xiangtan, heads of relevant functional departments in our school and representatives of students from various schools participated in this activity.
At the meeting, Vice President Hu, on behalf of HNUST, extended his warm congratulation to the launch of the Girl’s Cultural Festival. He said that this festival was a good way to show our attention to girl’s growth, and he did hope that it could help girls to build a positive attitude and a good style of study in order to improve their abilities and internal qualities.
Wang Junjie, the Party committee secretary of the Maternal and Child Care Service Center in Xiangtan, took this opportunity to thank HNUST for its great efforts to hold these activities successfully and its emphasis on female health care. She said that the physiological and health education was standing out in universities under such a circumstance. She held the belief that these activities aimed to help students learn more about reproductive health, build a scientific and rational attitude towards sex, establish right health consciousness, develop a healthy lifestyle and strengthen self-protection awareness.
On behalf of the Family Planning Associationin Yuhu District, Guan Guohui first extended festive greetings to all girls. The theme of this festival—“Stay Healthy for Youth, Caring for You and Me” is to guide girls to establish a healthy and confident image, and to learn about women’s health and reproductive knowledge. She put forward the hope that all girls would experience their new female image of self-esteem and self-reliance. She also hoped that all levels of student organizations in the college will follow the characteristics of girls, care about the growth and development of girls, and form a good atmosphere of mutual love and respect.
Liu Dan, Deputy Director of gynecology and health care department of Xiangtan Maternal and Child Health Hospital, gave a lecture at the ceremony on “No regrets for youth”. She introduced the common physiological problems of women to the girls present, and emphasized the harmfulness of various diseases with the patients she received as examples. Finally, she warned the girls not to take drugs and to make friends carefully.
At the ceremony, the leaders of Xiangtan City also sent condolences to the outstanding poor girls in our school. Subsequently, letters of engagement was issued to the college health workers specially appointed by our university to be responsible for publicizing health care work.Zeng Zhen, an e-commerce student from the School of Business, said“what the doctors said is easy to understand, and I have learned a lot. I also understand the importance of girls’ self-respect.”
(Translated by Jiang Ying, Luo Anni)