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HNUST Promotes the 2019 Engineering Education Accreditation

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On March 1st, 2019, the representatives of the Office of  Academic Administration and of the several Schools attended the on-site training of engineering education accreditation convened by Higher Education Evaluation Center of the Ministry of Education (HEEC) in Shanghai. Meanwhile, more than 40 leaders and key teachers of the School of Engineering learned via live video in Lide Building.
Zhang Yong, Director of HEEC, delivered a speech titled “Fulfill Engineering Education Accreditation in Accordance with the Standards Set at National Conference on Education and Conference on Undergraduate Education” from three aspects: to meet the formal requirements, to carry out the accreditation philosophy and standards and to construct first-class majors. Experts and scholars from Dalian University of Technology, Nanjing University, etc. also gave reports on accreditation philosophy, standards, policies and measures.
Zhou Zhihua, Director of the Academic Administration, believed that the engineering education accreditation system ensured global engineering education quality, and it was also an important foundation for international recognition of engineering education and engineer qualification.
HNUST, practicing the first-class specialty construction of Double Ten Thousand Project (the educational project for building ten thousand national first-class specialties and ten thousand provincial first-class specialties respectively by the Ministry of Education), based on school reality, positively advances specialty construction and engineering education accreditation. Guided by the plan, the university will arrange related majors to gain certification orderlywithin three years. Meanwhile, it has outlined quality standards for undergraduate teaching and standards for specialty education, revised the cultivation program of undergraduate professional talents and improved the standard system of teaching quality. Ultimately, HNUST established the mechanism for constant improvement of teaching quality.
HNUST will take the initiatives in promoting undergraduate education (2019-2022), and will implement the project aiming at the promotion of specialty construction, the reform and innovation of teaching methods, the improvement of teaching and learning styles, as well as advance the work of engineering education accreditation so as to perfect the plan for its talents’ cultivation.
It is reported that  Mining Engineering and Safety Engineering of HNUST have passed the certification of China Engineering Education Accreditation Association (CEEAA); Architecture has passed the evaluation of National Education Committee on Architecture in Colleges and Universities; Civil Engineering has passed the assessment of Professional Evaluation Committee on Higher Education Civil Engineering by the Ministry of Housing and Construction. In addition, Mining Engineering, Safety Engineering and Building Environment and Energy Application Engineering are going to receive an on-site inspection by expert groups in 2019. Meanwhile, other engineering education majors are also actively preparing for professional certification.
(Translated by Lu Ziyao, Liu Xin and Li Fei)