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Don’t You Know? It’s Time When the Cherry Blossom Garden Bursting with Blooms

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On March 31st, various activities were provided by clubs to greet the Sakura Festival and the 12th Culture and Arts Festival of Clubs, successfully catching admirers’ eyeballs.
“Wow! I did it! I did it!” a boy shouted for a joy after throwing a dart, an activity organized by the Computing Club, which aroused numerous visitors’ interest. For the Sakura Festival and the 12th Culture and Arts Festival of Clubs, the club had been preparing for two weeks and publicized it online. The person in charge of the club said, “the Computing Club combining learning and entertainment provides such activities to stimulate students’ interest and help them understand the club culture, as well as offer visitors a cultural atmosphere of our university.”
Meanwhile, a guessing game of English proverbs, held by the Literature and Translation Club, also encouraged visitors’ involvement. “I’ve never thought that ‘Black Sheep’ refers to a horse that spoils the whole herd (or a person who is regarded as a failure by other members of their group).” Liu Zhiyang, a freshman of the School of Civil Engineering, exclaimed in surprise. “Now I have learned more about the differences between Chinese and western cultures and the different meanings of the same word, which makes me more interested in English.”
With great enthusiasm and delight prevailing the scene, many interesting activities, such as taking photos with sakura and reciting sakura-related poetry, were catching the eyes of sakura admirers. “We rank the difficulty of each link from low to high and set corresponding awards to attract more participants.” Liu Peiai said, head of the E-commerce Club. These joint activities witnessed better completeness in game modes and innovation in contents than previous years. “My sunny mood isn’t darkened by the lasting rain, instead, I have gained much happiness in such activities,” said Yi Jianlin, a sophomore of the School of Management.
Face to face, two students were engaged in an interesting game “You gesticulate, I guess” before the booth of the Internet Application Club, with one gesticulating attentively, the other guessing deliberately. They cooperated with tacit understanding, winning the prize happily. “The Sakura Festival is unique for HNUST, so we hope to create a bright and relaxing atmosphere for visitors who come here for sakura,” said Tan Guanghu, a member of the club.
“I played many games closely linked with my study and daily life,” said Tao Zhiru, a freshman of the School of Architecture and Art Design. “They are very helpful because I learned a lot while having fun.” Wang Li, a visitor from Nanzhushan Town, Xiangtan, paid a special trip to participate in the grand Sakura Festival. She said, “For fear of missing this activity, we come here regardless of the heavy rain. Those club activities are wonderful and just in time, and my kids enjoy themselves very much.”
(Translated by Lu Ziyao, Shu Zizhao)