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HNUST Holds Seminar on Innovative Cultivation Program for Master of Education

Publishing time:2019-04-23 viewer:

On April 14th, a seminar on innovative cultivation program for Education Master Degree was held in HNUST, presided by Li Haiping, Dean of the School of Education, and attended by Liu Yuwen, Chairman of HNUST Steering Committee of Graduate Education of Master of Education, professors from 10 universities and colleges, and people in charge of Master of Education in HNUST.
After extending his warm welcome to all participants, Liu Yuwen pointed out that our teachers’ education methods were in urgent need to be strengthened under the background of HNUST’s accelerating process in constructing a high-level comprehensive university. At the same time, Liu anticipated the experts’ evaluations and intellectual support on HNUST’s comprehensively educational reform for Master of Education.
After that, basic information and performance of graduate education were reported by Wang Xin, Vice Dean of the Graduate School, and other relevant people in charge.
Experts attending the meeting set off an animated discussion on the graduate education of Master of Education in course teaching (including case teaching), practical teaching (including teaching skills training, educational probation, etc.), thesis writing, and supervisor selection.
Combining with HNUST’s cultivation experience, experts proposed a series of advice based on the discussion: Professor Wu Gang of East China Normal University believed that the thesis topics of Master of Education can be determined by graduate students according to their actual conditions, but they must meet the requirements of training objectives. On the other hand, Professor Ma Yunpeng of Northeast Normal University argued that, in terms of supervisor selection, the supervisor ready-to-be-chosen should be equipped with professional knowledge and abilities of guiding education teaching. What’s more, Professor Zhang Dajun from Southeast University emphasized that the key capability of education graduates was teaching, and we must keep it in mind that students were the foundation, supervisors were the key and system provided guarantee in the cultivation of education graduates.
The face-to-face communication with other universities on education graduate cultivation was so inspiring that we should draw on each other’ s successful experience and continue to innovate cultivation modes, so as to improve the cultivation quality, suggested the experts.
(Translated by Lu Ziyao, Chen Meijun)