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Alumnus Du Yueyi Makes Another Donation to Expand Azalea Garden

Publishing time:2019-05-21 viewer:

Recently, the expansion of Azalea Garden of HNUST has been completed with a donation of Du Yueyi, President of Xiangtan Alumni Association and an alumnus of grade 1985 who majored in biology. Meanwhile, the University Celebration Affairs Office and Alumni Union Affairs Office are responsible for coordinating relevant work.
The newly-expanded Azalea Garden adds vitality to the campus with larger areas, flatter paths, a more orderly layout and a wider variety of azaleas. Moreover, the expansion transformed the previous bushes into more neat and beautiful grass, forming a more pleasant landscape.
In 2010, Du Yueyi donated 300,000 yuan to construct an Azalea Garden between Canteen, Zone 8 and Athletic Field (2) in which just a single kind of flower grew. Therefore, Du made another donation of 300,000 yuan to expand the Garden as a gift to the upcoming 70 anniversary of his alma mater who himself also organized a working team to complete the expansion task. At the same time, his recent plan to improve the green belt surrounding Taiyang Lake at a cost about 500,000 yuan in June, is still under discussion.
Chen Duanlai, Vice Director of Alumni Union Affairs Office, claimed that the donation for a better Azalea Garden was not only a present to HNUST, but also a demonstration of their deep feeling and remembrance for the campus’s ongoing development after their graduation and career success. It showed that the alumni did not forget to return their alma mater and help strengthen its influence.
“The donation symbolized alumni’s appreciation for and attachment to their alma mater,” said Zhao Yajing, a freshman of HNUST, “Now, Azalea Garden, with a more beautiful landscape, has enriched the college life of teachers and students who are attracted by it when passing by. In addition, it also has added a delectable landmark for HNUST in its 70th anniversary celebration.”
(Translated by Li Fei, Chen Meijun)