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Graduation Season: My Treasured Memories with You, HNUST

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Time flies. Four-year college life fleets as the graduation comes insensibly. Those days, dribs and drabs on campus, left an indelible impression on the graduates.
Thank for Your Company
For Liu Ming, a senior student from the School of Foreign Studies, the library gatekeeper is one of the most important people in his study time. “No matter how early I came here, the gatekeeper was always engaged. What a conscientious man he is!”, Liu Ming said.
Besides, Library (2) and the gatekeeper have witnessed his time from preparing for the postgraduate exam to being admitted by Beijing Foreign Studies University. "I’m really grateful to the gatekeeper for cleaning up the path in front of the library and opening the door on time every day for the waiting students, rain or shine." Liu Ming said, "He appears more like a companion in my tough preparation days."
"In recent two years, our school has launched a new Wechat repair platform to make it more convenient to have things repaired in our dormitories." said Mi Yiming, a graduate-to-be student from the School of Humanities. Downhearted, Mi and his roommates, in a cold winter, became even more unbearable because of the broken bulbs in his dormitory. Thus, they asked for a repair service on the platform, only to find that the repairer arrived soon and he even brought an extra bulb just in case. “Every time we got in trouble, the service staff would help us with great patience and that really moved us. So HNUST will always be my Eden wherever I go.” Mi said.
Qi Zhanrong, a Grade 2015 student from the School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering is from Qinghai province where people have lighter flavors than Xiangtan, so she has a special liking for Sour and Spicy Shredded Potatoes of canteen. “The canteen lady knew that the potato was my favorite so she always gave me more.” Qi said, “And I’ll miss the canteen and the lady’s shredded potatoes after graduation.”
Cherish the Memories with You
Wu Yurong, a graduate-to-be from the School of Humanities thanks her teachers’ help after her scores of the preliminary postgraduate exam came out. Her teachers Li Kangcheng, Tang Yahui and Ding Zhicong delivered great help during Wu’s preparations for the examination. Wu extends gratitude to the teachers whose love lightened her life.
Zhao Siyu majoring in Chinese traditional opera keeps his goal firm with encouragement from his teachers Li Yuezhong and Zhang Xiaoyan. Zhou still remembers that every time he asked the teachers for help, they would stop their work at hand for his questions. Zhao expresses his appreciations to those teachers who guided and helped him all along.
Now, bearing expectations of their beloved teachers, those graduates who arrived with youth’s vigor and vitality are about to set out for another journey.
(Translated by Li Fei and Lu Ziyao)