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The Tenth Charming Teacher Contest & the Fifth Youth Teacher Contest

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On June 25th, the finals of the Tenth Charming Teacher Contest & the Fifth Youth Teacher Contest were held in Lide Building. 40 candidates stood out from the previous selection and entered the finals. 152 students casted votes to pick out 10 Charming Teachers and 10 Youth Teachers.
Being a Teacher with Pupils Everywhere
Gu Xuhui from the School of Physical Education popularized the benefits of Tai Chi. He is an easy-going and much-loved teacher among students for his humor and the effective teaching method.
Peng Yan, from the School of Arts, played wonderful piano pieces of Chopin and Mozart. He is admired by students for his superb playing skills and academic ability. A charming teacher to him, should not only dedicate himself to teaching, but also be in earnest and friendly to students.
He Shuangfeng, from the School of Foreign Studies, has been a teacher for 33 years. “I love teaching and being a friend of my students” she said. She believes that students’ mental state is important in learning, so she always interacts with them actively to create a relaxing atmosphere in class.
Persisting in Exploration and Contribution to the Platform.
Zhu Hongmei, from the School of Laws and Public Administration, put forward a legal question from a TV play and discussed it with students. Some excellent teaching methods can be found in her performance, covering interacting humorously, guiding patiently and meticulously, and putting forward some relevant questions that can arouse students to think. In her opinion, it is the greatest charm of teachers to enrich students’ knowledge, broaden their horizons and answer their questions patiently in detail.
With funny slides, Zen Chaofeng from the School of Civil Engineering showed his determination that he was not to be conventional. From his point of view, a charming teacher is expected to praise excellent students in public more frequently, and give more encouragement to those who have unsatisfactory performance, so as to enhance their integrity. Consequently, his students have deep affection for him over his interesting class and humor.
Tang Ting from the School of Life Science, put students’ focus on class by interactions with students. For her students, this “mysterious” teacher is much responsible for her teaching and caring about her students in daily life.
38 teachers demonstrated their own teaching ideas and humanistic feelings with their speeches. “In my opinion, all teachers have made full preparations for imparting knowledge, actively interacting with students and leading them to learn more. They are all responsible and charming teachers”, said Xiang Hengzhi, a freshman from the School of Mechanical Engineering.
(Translated by Lu Ziyao, Liu Xin)