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The Fifth Contest of Teacher’s Classroom Teaching

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On June 29th, the final of the Fifth Contest of Teacher’s Classroom Teaching was held in Ligong Building. More than fifty participants had stood out in the preliminary selection and entered the final.
The final included two parts: appraisal on teaching design and PPT, and an on-site 15-minute teaching with a random subject chose from the ten sections of their teaching courseware by drawing lots.
Wang Hui, a teacher from the School of Foreign Studies, started her class by singing a song of Audrey Hepburn, and then introduced the popular “Hepburn’s hair” among stars.  At last, she raised a thought-provoking topic that what we want to do in the future, which concerning students’ outlooks on life and values. And she won continual applause for her excellent performance.
Gu Hui from the School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, took her classroom teaching on the analysis of aspirin, during which she paid much attention to students’ mental state, exchanged ideas and interacted actively with them. At the end of the class, she developed questions to test students’ understanding about the knowledge they acquired.
Tang Xiuming who is from School of Information and Electrical Engineering, presented how to solve the complex circuit problems with an example of power cut in daily life. Then she explained a sequence of complicated concepts about electricity and Thevenin’s theorem in detail, during which she gave patient guidance for students to get the point.
Wang Xinjiao, a judge and supervisor in the competition, spoke highly of all the teachers’ performances. “Everyone is excellent! I can feel your full energy and positivity.” She said. Furthermore, she stressed the importance of their posture, teaching skills and a well-prepared courseware, which counted a lot in her judgement.
The competition was inspected by the chargeman of the organizing committee and Vice President Shi Shiliang, organized by staff from dean’s office, personnel department, security department, etc., and wholly supervised by Commission for Discipline Inspection.
According to competitors’ comprehensive performances, 9 first prizes, 14 second prizes and 19 third prizes were awarded. The list of prize-winners will be announced soon.
(Translated by Liu Xin and Xiao Leyao)