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HNUST Sent Gifts to Unattended Students During the Spring Festival

Publishing time:2014-02-22 viewer:

        On the morning of January 29th, nearly 300 students received 300 Yuan (RMB) and meal tickets as New Year’s gift.

  “I am so excited to get the New Year’s Money-gift, and the university is just like our home, full of love and blessing,” a student told the journalist.

  “For various reasons, some students can’t go home and reunite with their families during the Spring Festival, so we try our best to make them feel at home here,” said a teacher who is in charge of the Department of Student Affairs.

  To provide them a good environment for study and living during the vocation, HNUST tries its utmost to guarantee that the university is in normal operation during the vocation. Apart from money-gifts and meal tickets, the university offers them part-time jobs so as to ensure that these students will enjoy a happy New Year.