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Seminar on Unconventional Natural Gas Accumulation Held in HNUST

Publishing time:2014-02-22 viewer:

  On January 18th, the Seminar on Hunan’s Unconventional Natural Gas Accumulation, sponsored by HNUST and undertaken by the Key Laboratory of Shale Gas Resource Utilization, was held in HNUST. Experts and scholars such as Kang Yuzhu, Qiao Dewu and Guo Jianhua attended the meeting.

  Starting from the theme “Hunan’s Unconventional Natural Gas Accumulation”, eleven experts, including academician Kang Yuzhu, professor Qiao Dewu and Guo Jianhua (a professor of HNUST), introduced their studies on various topics such as oil and gas exploration in Hunan, the accumulation condition of Shale Gas and the application of wide field electromagnetic method in shale gas exploration.