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Signing Ceremony of Hiring the Professor of Xiangjiang Scholars & the Overseas Chair Professor

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2014 Signing Ceremony of Hiring Specially-appointed Professor of Xiangjiang Scholars & Overseas Chair Professor

           Hunan University, 2014 April 18th: on the afternoon of 18th April, the signing ceremony is held in Meeting Room 301 of Building 3th in HNUST. Professor Zhong Xingu and Professor Andrew Hursthouse are separately hired as the Specially-appointed Professor of Xiangjiang River Scholars and the Overseas Chair Professor. Vice President, Mr. Tang Guolin, together with the leaders of the department of Civil Engineering and the relevant university departments, attend the Signing Ceremony.

     Mr. Tang Guolin expresses a warm welcome to the Specially-appointed Professor and the Overseas Professor. The setting of the Specially-appointed Professor of Xiangjiang River Scholars & the Overseas Professor plus the employment system and the reforming of school education teaching will be a significant strategy in deepening the reform of education and promotion of teaching. He said, “Professor Zhong Xingu and Professor Andrew Hursthouse, with the rigorous academic style, fruitful achievements and rich experience, will direct and push the work in our discipline construction, scientific research and innovative training of academic teams.

Mr. Zhong Xingu and Andrew Hursthouse, also show great appreciation to the school and promise to perform duties seriously to promote the discipline construction and scientific research in our school. Andrew Hursthouse replied, “His employment will further the cooperation and communication between University of the West of Scotland and HNUST, and push the development of environmental disciplines across the world.

 Mr. Tang Guolin, on behalf of HNUST, awards the letter of appointment to the professors and adorns the school badge of HNUST to Mr. Andrew Hursthouse after the head of Department of Personnel, Mr. Gao Yongyi, finishes the appointment of employment.  




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Zhong Xingu, Professor, Doctor, Present Dean of Civil Engineering of HNUST, Director of the Bridge Engineering Institute, Hunan Key Laboratory Chief of the Civil Engineering Construction Safety and Quality. He presided over 10 projects, including the Project of the National Natural Science Fund, Project of Hunan Science Fund and more than 30 projects in Hunan, Guizhou, Guangdong, Jiangxi, Guangxi and so on.

Andrew Hursthouse, BSc (Hons) Geochemistry, University of Readings, UK, PhD Environmental Radioactivity, University of Glasgow, UK, Post Doctor of Scottish Universities Research & Reactor Centre/ University of Glasgow; with environmental radioactivity and environmental geochemistry as his main major; Professor of Environmental Geochemistry of University of the West of Scotland, Director, Institute for Biomedical & Environmental Health Research. He has rich experience and deep researches in dealing with the environmental geochemistry of pollutants, migration and transformation and degradation mechanisms, as well as its influence on Human’s health. Due to his outstanding contribution to scientific research in environmental chemistry and the development of chemical science, Andrew Hursthouse was selected as the Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry and awarded as the Chartered Chemist by the Royal Society of Chemistry in 2002 and is president of the Society for Enviromental Geochemisity Heath (


Written and edited by Chen Ziliang, Xia Zihan 

Translated by Wang Min

News SourceUniversity Press