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Admission of A-Level Students Nationwide

Publishing time:2015-04-30 viewer:

The recruitment and employment office release the news that our university will realize the admission of A-level student nationwide in 2015 (including autonomous regions and municipalities). On the list of more than 200 colleges and universities, our university is qualified to recruiting undergraduate students from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan in 2015.
Presently 16 majors are open to recruitment of students from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan. The number of admission will be determined in accordance with the candidates’ examination scores and other requirements. For those students enrolled, the university will take the same policy with the mainland students in terms of tuition fee, scholarship and financial aid.
  In recent years, our university has been focusing on the promotion of quality, overall strength and connotations; as a result the recruitment quality improves year by year. As the admissions employment Department official said, “the enrollment achievements we have made contributed to the rational admissions plan, external image propaganda and a transparent, fair, impartial and open admission.”
Translated by Deng Yong, Wang Jing