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Dreams on the Wings: Final Competition of English Drama Performance

Publishing time:2015-04-30 viewer:

The final competition of English Drama Performance held by ELAA raised the curtain in the South Club on March 28. After preliminary selection, eight teams came to the fore and entered the final. With compilation of classic English dramas and films, and integration of fashion, the English drama performance attracted a big audience who marveled at the actors and actresses’ excellent English, brilliant expression and ingenious plot.
This competition is also a talent show of freshmen from School of Foreign Studies. The eight teams compete for six group awards and two individual awards, included the 1st, 2nd, 3rd prizes. Six foreign language teachers and several relevant staffs worked as judges.
These well-known stories like A Chinese Odyssey, Legend of the White Snake and Legend of Zhen Huan were interpreted into English which brought the audience a special flavor. “The enjoyment of drama arouses our greater interest in learning English. And it is meaningful that students promote their ability of organizing and planning by the way of writing and acting by themselves,” said Zhang Qihong, a student from Class one of Teaching Chinese as Foreign Language.
Enjoying the performance, Caroline, a foreign teacher from the United States was very excited to see the Chinese ancient classical stories interpreted into English. Having stayed in Xiangtan for 5 years, Caroline has fell in deep love with Chinese culture. She was profuse in special compliments about the performance of Legend of Zhen Huan in which many Chinese elements including music, dance were dedicatedly expressed in English.
In the end, the performance of Legend of the White Snake by Class one of English won 1st prize group award for its novelty plot and unique dialogue. Mindia, a foreign teacher from the Republic of Geogia, made a closing speech on behalf of the teachers and judges. He expressed the hope that young students persist on their own dream and make their dreams come true.
Translated by Deng Yong, Wang Jing