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Vice President of University of Greensboro Paid a Visit

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    On the morning of April 7th, Penelope J. Pynes, the vice president of the University of North Carolina Greensboro, paid a visit to our university. President Li Bochao had a cordial meeting with the visitors in the conference room of International Education Building, accompanied by seniors from the Department of International and External Liaison and Art School.


    Li Bochao extended a warm welcome to visitors from University of Greensboro on behalf of our university for its first visit and made a brief introduction to our university in terms of general situation of university development, discipline characteristics, cooperation with some American universities and colleges. He said this visit by vice president Penelope Pynes would enhance mutual understanding, promote exchanges and cooperation between the University of North Carolina Greensboro and Hunan University of Science and Technology.  


    During the meeting, both sides had detailed discussion about their respective advantages in professional disciplines and implementation of scientific research project cooperation, student exchanges, staff training and so on. Penelope Pynes said exchange students attending the program of "2 + 2" or "3 + X" can share the resources of Greensboro and University of North Carolina. Later, both sides reached consensus on the teachers' teaching and curriculum docking. Li Bochao expressed his hope that both the universities expand cooperation fields and improve cooperation level on the basis of student exchange programs. Besides, the two sides reached a preliminary intent for opening Confucius Institute at the University of North Carolina Greensboro. 


    At the end of the meeting, both sides reached an agreement to prepare feasible report of cooperation, which may start from some popular disciplines like Art, Business and Education. At last, the two sides exchanged presents and took a group photo to mark the occasion.


    One day before this meeting, the delegation headed by vice president Penelope Pynes from University of North Carolina Greensboro visited Art School. On the morning of April 6, they met with the deans and painting teachers and talked about the exchange and cooperation in Art. They also visited professor studio, sculpture building, professional dancing room. In the afternoon, they had a preliminary talk with some responsible persons from the Department of International and External Liaison and Art School on exchange and cooperation.


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    Founded in 1891, the University of North Carolina Greensboro is a four-year public university. Known for its remarkable education quality, unique research and enthusiastic staff with the dense academic atmosphere of liberal arts and science and culture of the whole school, the university was chosen by Princeton as one of the 351 best universities across the United States, and was also one of the best universities in southeast state of the United States. It boasts eight institutes including Science and Culture, Business and Economic Education, Health and Human Performance, Human Environment Science, Music and Nursing with nearly 1700 academic subjects. Recently it is famous for its biological and chemical. (It boasts eight institutes such majors as science and culture, business and economic education, health and human performance, human environment science, music and nursing. In addition to having nearly 1700 academic subjects, it is also famous for Biological and chemistry. At present, there are more than 100,000 students, of which three thousand graduate students come from 46 states respectively and 90 countries around the world.


(Translated by Zheng Zaoxing, Wang Jing)