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Two Distinguished Professors Newly Awarded “Xiangjiang Scholars Program”

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 “Xiangjiang Scholars Program” signing ceremony for distinguished professors was successfully held on April 8th.
    Xi Zairong, a researcher of the Chinese academy of sciences, and Zhang Xinchang, a professor from Sun Yat-Sen university, joined the construction and development of our university. Tang Guoning, Vice president of the university, presided the signing ceremony. Also present at the ceremony were deans from relevant departments.
    Professor Xi Zairong and Professor Zhang Xinchang officially signed a contract with our university. Tang Guoning issued the letter of appointment and helped them wear school badge. Then, Xi Zairong and Zhang Xinchang delivered a speech. “We are all people of Hunan and we feel privileged to take this opportunity to contribute to our hometown”, said Professor Zhang, whose hometown feelings affected people present. Professor Xi also expressed, “I’d like to share experience with more young scholars so as to make progress with them hand in hand”.
    Tang Guoning extended his welcome to the two distinguished professors on behalf of the university. He said that the related departments should provide good working environment and comfortable living conditions for distinguished professors, and professional teachers from relevant fields of research should work hard and strengthen academic exchanges under the guidance of the specially-appointed professors and make new contribution to the development of our university.
    The “Xiangjiang Scholars Program" sets up a platform for attracting high-level personnel home and abroad, creates favorite condition to promote the innovation team building for leapfrog development, and also plays an important leading effect and promoting role in subject construction, education teaching reform, discipline construction, scientific research and innovation team training.

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     Xi Zairong is a researcher from the Institute of Mathematics and Systems Science in Chinese Academy of Sciences. He has undertaken many research projects including the National Natural Science Funds, Key Projects of National Natural Science Funds and 973 Projects. Now he is mainly engaged in studying the quantum system control design and analysis, nonlinear system control and other related fields.
    Zhang Xinchang, Ph.D in cartography and geographic information engineering, is doctoral supervisor and deputy director of Remote Sensing and Geographic Information Engineering Department of Sun Yat-Sen University, and guest professor and doctoral supervisor in Resources and Environmental Science Institute of Wuhan University. His main research focuses on digital city theory, technical methods and applied research and analysis model of urban land use temporal and spatial structure evolution.

(Translated by Zheng Zaoxing, Wang Jing)