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Planting A Tree to Green A Whole City

Publishing time:2015-05-05 viewer:


   “To green the environment and beautify the life, we are in action to build the city a forest.” On the afternoon of March 12, over 10 students of the Youth Volunteer Group of our university joined in the voluntary tree-planting activity at Fahua Mountain.
    The Volunteers, all in red shirts, hiked to the Fahua mountain and then immediately started planting trees in pairs. Trenching and ridging, they were so serious in every planting step. With the sweat of volunteers on his forehead, a row of saplings stood up in lines to salute these young people. “We just want to make perhaps a slight contribution to beautifying the environment of Xiangtan city, and we also hope to advocate more people to increase a green to our environment while reduce the smog, then we will be healthier, and happier." said Mo Lin, a school volunteer.
    Last year a fire burned up half of the mountain, now the bare "scars" of Fahua mountain are covered with green armors to came back to vitality. “Afforestation has a significant benefit on the contemporary era and the future generations. We are all for it,” said Guo Guowen, the local village cadre, “You see, the villagers also volunteered and joined in it!”
    Finally, the volunteers tied a red ribbon with their names and wishes on each small tree. ‘When we come back next time, the trees will grow new leaves." Our school's volunteer Li Haiming said with expectations.
    It is reported that the Communist Youth League of our university has established a long-term cooperation with that of High-tech district and Shuangma street community. They plan to organize another activity of compulsory tree planting at a larger scale. In addition, they will also organize a series of colorful activities like “College Students’ Legal Services in Community”, “College Students Art Group into Community”, and “College Students’ Appliance Repaire Service” and so on.

  (Translated by Zhou Sha, Wang Jing)