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A Love Relay for “Xinxiang”

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    In January, Yu Xinxiang, a student from our university, had a sudden illness on her way home in the winter vacation. Then a rescue action was expanded rapidly in between teachers and students. In just a few days, teachers and students raised over20,000 for the girl to save her life. On February 13, an article entitled “Hunan University of Science and Technology: the relay of love to interpret the close relationship between alumni and students” was published on the newspaper China Women to report this charity event. Later on February 15, another newspaper Hunan Daily also published news report about the transfer social love.

    Yu Xinxiang is a sophomore student majoring Landscape Architecture in our university. On the evening of January 20, she and her classmate Lin Zhongming took the train from Zhou Zhou to Nan Ning. Shortly after getting on the train, she felt unwell, and a few minutes later, she lost her consciousness.

    Under the emergency circumstance, Lin Zhongming informed the stewardess. They immediately sent Xinxiang to the nearest Hengyang Central Hospital when the train stopped at HengYang Railway Station. Xinxiang was diagnosed as congenital vascular malformation, and her third spinal column blood vessels ruptured. She was in urgent need of surgery.

    Desperately heartbroken on the startling news, Xinxiang’s parents hurried to Hengyang from Nanning overnight. On the night of January 21, Xinxiang’s surgery went very well and she went out of danger for the time being. But the doctor told Xinxiang’s father that her daughter had to stay in hospital under observation for more than 40 days, with about 300-400 daily cost and more than 80,000 for operation.

    Xinxiang’s father was suddenly at a loss. His wife recently got a breast cancer, his son was in the vocational school, and he himself also lived by playing casual laborer to earn some money. How is it possible to get such a big sum of money of more than 100,000 yuan?

    After receiving the news, Luo Xi, the vice secretary of the School of Biological Sciences, reported Xinxiang’s situation to the university and quickly applied 2,000 subsidies for Xinxiang. For the next few days, many teachers and students donated 20,000 yuan for Xinxiang. With people’s love integrated together, even grains of sand could be built into pagoda. Luo Xi said: “No matter who is in trouble, all the classmates are ready to give a hand.”

(Translated by Tan Liyuan, Wang Jing)