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School Leaders Inspect the Yuhu Campus

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    Principal Li Bochao, Vice President Hu Shiqi, Supervisor Liu Zhijian inspected relative conditions in Yuhu campus, together with the heads of several departments including Party and School Office, Assets Management Office, Infrastructure Office, Logistics Management Office, Security Office, etc. After the inspection, Li Bochao chaired a and made important instructions on improving management services on Yuhu campus

    At 9 am, they arrived in
Yuhu campus and visited the
Teaching Building, Laboratory Building, Student Canteen, Student Activities Center, Zhonggu Pavilion, Dacheng Temple, and Zhaotan Academy Site. Passing the newly finished Sizhou road, they entered into Yuhu campus housing, and having a look at the housing distribution, building number, and the security situation.

    Back to the
room 601, Principal Li Bochao listened to the report made by the heads of Original Requisition Office, State-owned Office, Logistics Management Office, Security Office and other relevant offices. Li Bochao pointed out that Yuhu campus, as an organic part of the school, shall be incorporated in the overall management before the renovation by the government. He asked Logistics Management Office take the lead in making a project about asset management, personal security, logistics service and other relevant affairs of the Yuhu campus.

    At the conference, Hu Shiqi, Liu Zhijian respectively put forward their opinions and suggestions concerning the Yuhu campus management. 

(Translated by Zhou Jie, Wang Jing)