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Art Exhibition: Wood-block Painting Speaks Louder Than Words

Publishing time:2015-05-10 viewer:

    On the morning of March 23, a Life-impression-themed exhibition of wood-block paintings by Thai student Ruttiporn Leepanuwong from Central South University was held in the Art School of our university, present at the opening ceremony were some leaders and related professional teachers from Art School.

    Ruttiporn Leepanuwong is a postgraduate student in
CentralSouthUniversity. Similar in appearance with her Chinese peers, she shows distinct differences in art language and art perspective: she is good at exploring creative inspiration from the details of daily life.

    It is easy to see from Lee’s painting Chinese style of features and aesthetics reflected in people’s daily life. The seeming ordinary materials are brought to life in her paintings which leave deep impression to all the visitors. This is her third exhibition. “Her paintings are of high level and great value, and so beautiful like the lovely girl herself!” highly complimented by Zhang Lin, the party secretary of the

    This exhibition is said to be a part of academic exchange between the
ArtDepartment of our university and that of CentralSouthUniversity, which is followed by series of activities including seminar for the postgraduate on 23 of April, and demonstration of painting techniques from 24 to 26 of April.

(Translated by Zhou Jie, Wang Jing)