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China Education Daily Interviews Principal Li Bochao about Quality Education of Graduate Program

Publishing time:2015-05-10 viewer:


    In the Government Work Report of 2015, "promote fair development, improve the quality" takes the place of the previous expression of "priority development, fair development" about the education development in China. Though a subtle variation, it reflects the government’s highly sensitive and rapid capture to the appeals of the masses. In an article entitled “Education Build up People’s Sense of Acquisition” on China Education Daily of March 17, our university and other education institutions expressed our good expections for the reform and development of education in the new era of China.

Everyone has a chance to change their own destiny through education." Prime Minister Li Keqiang said firmly, which represented people’s desire for fair education. In face of the battle of the educational comprehensive reform, education managers did not flinch, but confronted the toughness with strong will and targeted at deepening “the reform of provincial government education as a whole” and “the comprehensive reform and test enrollment system reform in colleges and universities”.

     "To guarantee the education quality of graduate program, our university always adheres to attaching importance to cultivation process while grasping the key links, strengthening quality control and supervision, combining stimulation with motivation, and setting up long-term quality assurance mechanism, thus making the enrollments, tutors and graduate students become a resultant force so as to improve the education quality of graduate student comprehensively."President Li Bochao gave his opion about seeking breakthrough point of connotation development by upgrading quality education in our university.

(Translated by Zhou Jie, Wang Jing)