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An activity of Cherishing Earth—“Focusing and Sharing”

Publishing time:2015-05-26 viewer:


    On 22nd April it is the 46th World Earth Day (WED). This year’s theme of WED is “Cherishing the Earth Resource and Transforming the Developing Mode to Improve Resource Utilization”. The university’s youth volunteer group from School of Foreign Studies launched a questionnaire survey titled “Cherishing the Earth”, and also launched the volunteering activity of propaganda and signature. Its main interest is to enhance the college students’ concerns of protecting the environment and raising awareness to preserve the earth and save energy.

    “Hi, could you sign your name on the banner to promote the WED this year?” Wang Hui, a volunteer, who takes the leaflet in one hand and a pen in another, gave out the leaflets printed with relevant information about WED to students who passed by, and invited them to sign their name on the banner. From 8 a.m. to 6 p.m., Wang Hui and her partners were on duty where they distributed 150 leaflets. The vice director of the youth volunteer group in School of Foreign Studies, Yang Hong, said that we should highlight the WED even though most students have little awareness about it, and he stiffens the idea that the activity must go on each year since he recognized that most students are not fully aware about WED.

    “Do you use a disposable chopstick when you have a meal in the canteen?”, “How will you deal with old used batteries?”, “Will you turn off the lights and fans when you pass by a study lounge where no one is inside occupying the room?” To promote WED and to make the activity suitable with the theme of the WED, Yang Hong and his members remind students to enhance their awareness of saving energy and protecting the environment by giving out questionnaire surveys.

    It is reported that the youth volunteer group will illustrate the results of the questionnaire survey in the lobby of the Foreign Language Studies in order to appeal to everyone again to cherish Mother Earth with individual and collective responsibility.

(Translated by Deng Yong, Wang Jing)