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Women Newspaper of Today Cooperates with “Bean Buns Studio”

Publishing time:2015-06-08 viewer:


    On the 13th of April, the group of President, Women Newspaper of Today Wang Fuhu and senior editor, were accompanied by the chairwomen of Women Federation Zhao Huan and Shen Qin. They visited the “bean buns studio” of Hunan University of Science and Technology. They held a conference in room 301 in the third teaching building, with the founder of the studio, the teacher of Business school, Cao Jiali. The officials of the Business school and the trade union participated in the conference.

    Wang Fuhu stood by the wall at the studio and pointed at the first university map, asking them about their situation for making a map, after seeing continuous improvements of the third and fourth edition University map. He gave high praise to the teams work abilities. Seeing the cutest postcard, Wang Fu-Hu took out his mobile phone and took some pictures. He stated, "these pieces of work are very nice and creative”. They praised with one voice.

    Cao Jiali introduces the bean buns Studios and showed some of their products. This small group consisted of 5 students who like hand-painted freehand sketching with improvised comic reflection of campus life. This group has been growing in recent years, they have large maps of the university, the ”A-Kong and bean sprouts”, 14 counties in Hunan cartoon image, the image of the absolute loyalty of scientist Q. "Guided by the innovative production concept, members will integrate what they have learned in the classroom into the cartoon rendering. At present, the studio has derived a lot of peripheral products, such as design of the company logo, store design, and so on. "Cao Jiali added

    "After seeing the series of cartoon by bean buns studio, we feel the innovation and enthusiasm in life, and we want to cooperate with studio sincerely”. Wang Fu-Hu said, "the purpose is looking for  a team with promising work and innovation and as a cooperator, we can provide four platforms with financing, promotion, e-commerce and talent recruitment training, and the bean buns studio peculiarly meets the requirements. ”

    Zhao Huan thinks that the bean buns Studio led by Cao Jiali sets a good example for female entrepreneurship, and she is willing to build the bridge for cooperation with the studio. She says that they will continue to focus on growth of the studio to accelerate the development of female entrepreneurship.

    (Translated by Zhou Sha)