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Principal Li Bochao Led his Delegation to Austria and UK for Education Communication

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    To promote the process of education internationalization, to strengthen our communication and cooperation with foreign universities, and to learn management experience and school mission of foreign higher education, Principal Li Bochao led his delegation to Austria and UK for education communication From Sept. 20th through the 26th, with the invitation of Boolean root University in Austria and Sheffield Hallam University in UK.
    Delegation visited University of Vienna and Boolean root University respectively in Austria. Representatives visited University of Wolverhampton, Sheffield Hallam University, University of Salford and University of the West of Scotland.
    Since we have established school-level cooperation with University of Wolverhampton in 2009, the two parties have paid an academic visit to each other frequently in recent years, with over 100 exchange students go abroad to communicate and study. Delegation visited its campus, library, and computer rooms, discussed hotly with those who are in charge of the International Department, The School of Social Sciences, and Science and Engineering College respectively for further cooperation, and met our students studied at this university to know their learning and life. The two parties signed cooperation agreement after the meeting.
    The chancellor delegation of Boolean root University have begun to visit our university since November, 2014, carried out in-depth communication, planning to cooperate and communicate deeply in mechanical and environment area, and signed memorandum of cooperation and communication during this visit. Our university started to negotiate with Sheffield Hallam University about holding Chinese and foreign cooperative education project since October, 2014, during which delegation of Boolean Root University visited our university three times and held depth talk on architecture cooperative education, and the two parties signed cooperation agreement during this visit.
    Delegation visited the main campus, the school of business, and the school of computer science and engineering in University of Salford and discussed with leader of colleges on school-level communication and collaboration to look for international cooperation space. President Li Bochao signed a memorandum of cooperation with his courtpart, and then delegation visited the nearby media campus of Manchester city of the British Broadcasting Company.
    Our university started to make school-level communication and cooperation with University of the West of Scotland in 2006, except experts’ mutual visit from the two parties, moreover, there were 4 groups of young teachers and numerous groups of exchange students came to study at this university. Delegation held talks with the vice president of the school of engineering and computer science, and they communicate with each other deeply on further communication and cooperation in future.
    Delegation had a deep understanding of the education model and management experience of the universities of Austria and UK, obtained a number of valuable first-hand information, and strengthened the cooperation with universities of Austria and UK in this compact visit to Austria and UK. This visit achieved complete success and broadened the channels for teachers’ communication, scientific research cooperation and students studying abroad, and it will play a key role in promoting our internationalization of education, deepening the reform of our education and teaching, and improving our level of schooling and standard.

    (Translated by Hu Yi)