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Hunan College Student Swimming Competition in 2015 Witnesses the Good Job of HNUST

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    College Student Swimming Competition was held on Sep.9th, 2015 in Changsha, lasting five days. With the joint efforts of the coaches and the athletes, the students of HNUST won 45 medals and the total scores of 367 ranked the second place among the men and women’ team.

    Our school sent 23 swimmers to take part in this competition.
In preparation for this event, they overcome the lack of space, limited training equipment and other difficulties, sacrificing weekends and summer vacation time, carried out in the hot sun for two months of hard training.

    Under the professional guidance of team leader and Sports Institute president Shen Weihua , Li Yi Xiang in charge of the training of college sports, vice president of the coaches, as well as accompanied Zhang Tiexiong, and Wan Yong, all the athletes defying strong opponents, hard work, has made sports scores and spirit civilization double harvest.

    (Translated by Wang Jie)